Cellular Power Amplifiers

Inspower’s Cellular Power Amplifiers are ideal for customers involved with DAS systems, BTS solutions and RF repeaters, which require highly linear products with low distortion and low EVM. They are well-suited for LTE, Cellular, WCDMA, GSM, PCS and UMTS systems. These Products are used by leading global DAS manufacturers and mobile network companies.
These products are been designed in combination with various technologies, symmetrical and asymmetrical Doherty configurations to achieve high efficiency, and feed-forward, analog pre-distortion and other linearization techniques to achieve high linearity.
They are available in module, pallet styles and Hybrid ICs.
Please view the Product Specifications sheet below to see some of our popular shelf products.

Product Features
  • Covering whole telecommunication frequency band
  • Average output power ranging from 1W to 80W
  • Cost effective purchase price
  • Stable characteristics in wide temperature range
  • Field proven reliability
  • Module, Pallet style, Hybrid IC shape available
  • CDMA, WDCDMA, LTE or 5G systems
  • Remote Radio Head (RRH) units
  • Repeaters
  • Distributed Antenna Systems(DAS)

Linearized high efficiency  power amplifier for cellular infrastructure system.
RF Pre-distortion, Feed-forward, RFPAL(APD) is used with doherty configuration.

High efficiency power amplifier module for baseband digital pre-distortion system which is also applicable with Maxim’s RF PAL linearizer.

Input and output matching and bias circuits are integrated and operate directly from DC input voltage.