Amplifier Systems

Inspower designs and manufactures High Power RF and Microwave Systems for use in test & measurement, communications and other types of systems. The systems we make typically contain high power amplifiers, heat sink / fan, power supply and Breaker / switch. Options can include voltage variable attenuators, circulators, forward / reflected ports and other controls and monitoring.

Product Features
  • GaN, LDMOS and GaAs device technologies
  • Bench top or 19” Rack-Mountable
  • Gain Control
  • Power Monitor
  • Local / Remote control functions
  • Broadband jamming
  • Communication system platforms
  • EMI/RFI testing
  • Lab test and measurement
  • PIM Testing

Model NumberFreq. Start (MHz)Freq. Stop (MHz)Pout (Watts)Gain (dB)Voltage (VAC)Pd (Watts)Size (inch)ApplicationSpec sheetStock
INS500120 10005046100-240700R2UCW/FM/AM

Out of Stock
INS500220 100010049100-240750R3UCW/FM/AM

Out of Stock
INS5003500 25005046100-240250R2UCW/FM/AM


Out of Stock
INS5004500 250010050100-240800R3UCW/FM/AM


Out of Stock
INS5037700 270010050100-240700R2UCW/FM/AM

Out of Stock
INS50051000 300010049100-2401400R5UCW/FM/AM


Out of Stock
INS50062000 40005046100-240400R3UCW/FM/AM


Out of Stock


Out of Stock