Broadband Amplifiers

Inspower’s Broadband amplifiers are available in frequencies between 1 MHz and 10 GHz with power levels up to 200 watts. Using the latest solid-state technologies such as GaN, LDMOS and GaAs, our expert engineers cater to a wide range product lines. The Table below shows some of the popular models that we have already developed. And the models is being still extended and upgraded by continuous R&D Activities to satisfy customer requirements.

Product Features
  • GaN, LDMOS and GaAs device technologies
  • Ultra-Fasting enable/disable Switching time
  • Operation 12, 28 and 48 Volt DC power, or as requested
  • Built-in self-protection functionse
  • Broadband jamming
  • Communication system platforms.
  • EMI/RFI testing
  • Lab test and measurement
  • PIM Testing

Model NumberFreq. Start (MHz)Freq. Stop (MHz)Pout (Watts)Gain (dB)Voltage (Volts)Current (Amps)Size (mm)ApplicationSpec sheetStock
INS302420 520100502812134.62x63.5x26.67CW/FM/AM

1 In Stock
INS304520 25001040242.1100x85x20CW/FM/AM

Out of Stock
INS301820 530100502812185x80x27CW/FM/AM

Out of Stock

Out of Stock
INS3009500 2500100502814185x90x27CW/FM/AM

Out of Stock
INS3035500 2500100502814185x90x22CW/FM/AM

3 In Stock
INS3006500 25005047286200x90x28CW/FM/AM

Out of Stock
INS3008500 2500100502814200x140x27CW/FM/AM

Out of Stock
INS3037F700 2700100502814185x90x22CW/FM/AM

2 In Stock
INS3037700 2700100502814185x90x22CW/FM/AM

Out of Stock
INS3012800 21701241282.5170x70x22CW/FM/AM

Out of Stock
INS30201000 30005040287170x70x30CW/FM/AM

Out of Stock

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INS30262500 600035462810185x90x20CW/FM/AM

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