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RF Hybrid IC Amplifier

RF Hybrid Amplifier

Inspower's RF Hybrid Amplifier is designed for communication applications. The RF Hybrid Amplifiers use LDMOS FET devices over substrate via chip on board. Input and output matching and bias circuits are integrated. The module is internally matched to 50ohms and operates directly from 28V making system integration very simple.

Product Features
50Ω RF impedance, Fully Integrated Matching
Single Supply Operation : Nominally 28V
High Gain
High Output Power
No Matching circuit needed
ROHS Compliant
Replacement for motorola(freescale) amplifier module is possible
High Power Amplifier Driver
Model Number Freq. Range
Cross Reference Spec
INS2110 2110-2170MHz 10 28 45x14x7 Motorola MHPA21010N
Sirenza SM07-104Y
INS1912 1930-1995MHz 12 28 45x14x7 Motorola MHPA19010N
Sirenza XD010-24S-D2F
INS0808 800-925MHz 8 28 45x14x7 Motorola MHL9838
INS1903 1900-2000MHz 3 28 45x14x7 Motorola MHL19338
INS2103 2110-2170MHz 3 28 45x14x7 Motorola MHL21336
INS0803 800-9604MHz 3 28 45x14x7 Motorola MHL9236

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Inspower specializes in the manufacture and design of RF Hybrid Amplifier, RF Power Amplifier and High Power Amplifier. We design and deliver almost all RF power amplifier products with the latest technology in the field of commercial and military wireless communication.