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Linear Power Amplifier Pallet

Linear Power Amplifier

Inspower designs and supports pallet style RF power amplifier.
This amplifier have high gain and high output power characteristics but simple mechanical and electrical interface. So it is easy to apply for any customer RF module or RF power amplifier.
Custom design of Linear Power Amplifier and RF Power Amplifier is also available.

Product Features
High linearity design.
Stable Linearity characteristic by environment temperature
Extremely cost competitive purchase price
Field Proven reliability
Compact Design for easy mount.
RF Module for repeater and any RF systems.
Model Number Freq. Range
Application Spec
IP869-894-3 869-894 3 35 29 1.7 45x90x15 CDMA
IP2130-2150-3 2130-2150 3 35 29 1.7 45x90x15 WCDMA
IP2130-2150-5 2120-2150 5 37 29 2 160x70x22 WCDMA
IP2130-2150-10 2120-2150 10 40 29 4 160x70x22 WCDMA

Linear Power Amplifier | RF Power Amplifier

Inspower specializes in the manufacture and design of Linear Power Amplifier and RF Power Amplifier. We design and deliver almost all RF power amplifier products with the latest technology in the field of commercial and military wireless communication.