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Special Amplifiers

Special Amplifiers

Inspower also provides custom design and manufacturing services to meet specific needs and performance requirements. If you are looking for a special amplifier solution, just send us the details via email.

Multi-Channel Power Amplifier

INS2025 is designed for UAV Jamming applications. This amplifier support signal amplification in the 6 frequency band.

Product Features
422-450MHz, 30Watts
868-915MHz, 30Watts
1170-1280MHz, 30Watts
1560-1610MHz, 30Watts
2400-2500MHz, 30Watts
5700-5800MHz, 20Watts
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Linear Power Amplifier | RF Power Amplifier

Inspower specializes in the manufacture and design of Linear Power Amplifier and RF Power Amplifier. We design and deliver almost all RF power amplifier products with the latest technology in the field of commercial and military wireless communication.