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Amplifier Systems

Amplifier Systems

Inspower designs and manufactures High Power RF and Microwave Systems for use in test & measurement, communications and other types of systems. The systems we make typically contain high power amplifiers, heat sink / fan, power supply and Breaker / switch. Options can include voltage variable attenuators, circulators, forward / reflected ports and other controls and monitoring.

Product Features
GaN, LDMOS and GaAs device technologies
Bench top or 19” Rack-Mountable
Gain Control
Power Monitor
Local / Remote control functions
Broadband jamming
Communication system platforms
EMI/RFI testing
Lab test and measurement
PIM Testing
Electronic Warfare
Model Number Freq. Start
Freq. Stop
INS5001 20 1000 50 46 100-240 750 R2U CW/FM/AM
INS5002 20 1000 100 49 100-240 750 R3U CW, Pulse

RF Hybrid Amplifier | RF Power Amplifier | High Power Amplifier

Inspower specializes in the manufacture and design of RF Hybrid Amplifier, RF Power Amplifier and High Power Amplifier. We design and deliver almost all RF power amplifier products with the latest technology in the field of commercial and military wireless communication.