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Research and Development

Our Development team is comprised of industry experts with more than 20 years of experience in the microwave field of RF design.

Inspower experts and experienced designers have the skills and knowledge to quickly and accurately design and produce the most demanding RF and microwave amplifier module and systems, customized to meet specific needs and performance requirements.

Our experienced Development team use design tools and well proven manufacturing techniques combined with the utilization of the latest advanced semiconductor technologies to offer the most up to date solutions to customer requirements.

Inspower development team has the following key technologies.
freely utilize LDMOS, GaN, MOSFET, GaAS FET and any other devices.
Especially Ultra broad band amplifier technology using GaN Device.
Linear Power amplifier using Feed-forward, Cross-cancellation and pre-distortion
High efficiency Amplifier using Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Doherty Configuration
RF Hybrid IC and Pallet amplifier manufacturing technology.