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INSPOWER | RF Power Amplifier, Military Amplifier and Broadband High Power Amplifier

Inspower specializes in the manufacture and design of RF power amplifiers, Military Amplifiers, Broadband High Power Amplifiers, etc. The company can design and deliver almost all RF high power amplifier products with the latest technology in the field of commercial and military wireless communication.

Research and Development

Our development team is comprised of industry veterans with a minimum of 10 years experience in RF power amplifiers design. Inspower veterans and experienced designers have the skill and knowledge to quickly and accurately design and produce the most challenging RF and microwave amplifier assemblies, customized to meet specific needs and performance requirements. Our experienced Development team use design tools and well proven manufacturing techniques combined with the utilization of the latest advanced semiconductor technologies to offer the most up to date solutions to customer requirements.


100% in-house manufacture and an extensive stock of RF wave materials and components enables us to design and produce production quantities as well as prototypes in the shortest of timescales.
Our fully equipped test and measurement system provides alignment and test capability together with 100% burn-in screening for our wide product range, with frequencies up to 6GHz and output power in excess of 1kW. Calibrated network & spectral analysis, noise and power measurement, ensures that you get a product fully tested for compliance and quality be it for a single standard amplifier, or a large quantity of custom designed sub-systems

Quality Policy Statement

Our company's quality objective is to provide the product and services reliable to customer through continuous quality improvement based a mission that "It is our priority to design and deliver high quality, innovative products which solve customer systems and business requirements".

Application Specific Power Amplifier

Application Specific Power Amplifier is suitable for Jammer Applications. Solid state Jammer Amplifiers design offer extremely broad bandwidth, high-power, high-efficiency, and reliability.

Multi Carrier Power Amplifier

Inspower's Cost Competitive, Multi Carrier Power Amplifier and single carrier Linear Power Amplifier products provide Telecommunication systems manufacturers with extremely high reliability, excellent performance and significant price advantage.

High Efficiency Amplifier

Inspower designs and supports high efficiency RF Power Amplifier. This High Efficiency Amplifier is designed with symmetrical and asymmetrical Doherty configuration (Doherty Amplifier) for base band digital pre-distortion technique and SCHINETRA's RF PAL linearizer.

Linear Power Amplifier Pallet

Inspower designs and supports pallet style RF Power Amplifier. This Linear Power Amplifier have high gain and high output power characteristics but simple mechanical and electrical interface. So it is easy to apply for any customer RF module or RF power amplifier.

RF Hybrid Amplifier

Inspower's RF Hybrid Amplifier is designed for communication applications. The RF Hybrid Amplifiers use LDMOS FET devices over substrate via chip on board. Input and output matching and bias circuits are integrated. This is applied in High Power Amplifier Driver.